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Management Service Organization

Optimax provides day to day administrative and financial operations of practices across all specialties.

Revenue Cycle Management

We identify, manage and measure the revenue cycle in the most efficient and effective manner.

Optimax Consulting Services

Optimax gives physicians a plan to address the biggest challenges affecting a modern practice.


Management Service Organization

The Optimax Management Services Organization (MSO) is designed to allow private practice physicians to maintain 100 percent control of their practice. The objective is to consolidate business and financial management services for functional improvements and lowering costs. Optimax’s "turnkey" management affords physicians primary focus on enhancing the level of care they provide to their patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our business model is based on a percentage of collections. This incentivizes us to drive practice efficiencies for lowering costs and improving our client’s financial margins. We provide the peace of mind that business and revenue management is scrutinized for maximum and consistent returns.

With over a quarter century of private practice experience, we support our client’s administrative, clinical, and business office entities as one dynamic system. This holistic oversight utilizes sub-system checks and balances that result in our surpassing national standards for revenue cycle key performance indicators.

Let us share how our Optimax services under one fee structure can remove the financial burdens of practice management/EHR and the associated electronic interface expenses.

Group of business people working together at a meeting

Consulting Services

These adjunct services are vital contributors ensuring the correct methods and procedures drive efficiency as a function of cost.

Productivity and Revenue Generation

  • Business Office

    • Collections
    • Scheduling

  • Individual LOEs

    Level of Effort are monitored and reviewed for performance improvement and quality control.

  • Radiologist Productivity

    • Dictation results productivity
    • RVU equivalent
    • Number of studies read
    • Timely report delivery
    • Number of unread studies with aging

  • Referring Physician Productivity

    • Referrals by physician
    • Referrals by group
    • Referrals by modality
    • Referrals by date, year to date

  • IR Revenue Generation

    • Data mine to identify potential IR procedure(s)
    • Output results to daily excel file
    • Identify patient & referring physician

Clinical & Business Office Workflow Analysis

Our clinical and business office workflow analysis is personalized and benchmarked against best practices. The experienced Optimax professional leverages years of industry knowledge to achieve the right balance of people, process, and technology.

Practice Management/EHR Evaluation/Selection

Optimax assists practices with the evaluation, selection, and implementation of Practice Management (PM) Systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Radiology Information Systems (RIS). We establish leadership objectives that encompass clarity of process in support of the workflows required by determining the best software/vendor for cost, efficiency, effectiveness and patient experience. Change management is a key component in our strategic planning that results in cash flow preservation and minimal disruption.

MACRA, MIPS, APMs Consulting Service

Optimax has successfully provided guidance for taking full advantage of the legacy based incentive program of PQRS, VM, EHR. Consult with our experts for advice on eligibility, program choice and the activities that are most meaningful to your practice for enhancing the full financial incentives of these approved CMS merit-based payment programs.

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IT Consulting Services

Optimax resources have a minimum of 20 years of experience in healthcare. We employ cost-effective strategies for the correct deployment of technology to complement effective clinical and business office end user productivity. We enable technology to get the right information to the right person at the speed of now.

An example is the Bi-Directional Data Broker. It is designed to be cost effective, flexible, and user-friendly. The broker is positioned among applications managing data exchanges, data alignments, and data corrections eliminating much of the hands-on labor associated with manual data scrubbing. When required, client fixes can be facilitated in real time accelerating local resolution.

  • 50% Less Expensive
  • Stand up in weeks vs. months
  • Optional support
  • User-Friendly

Leadership Team

Optimax David Mizrahi

David Mizrahi

Founder & CEO
A successful healthcare executive and company founder. David provides the vision and leadership guiding the growth of Optimax.

Kevin Tehrani

25 years of healthcare experience with large provider practices. Kevin’s focus is on operational excellence and strategic planning.

Alisa Kaplan Yoo

Accomplished MBA with 20 years of healthcare leadership, revenue cycle operations and business office consulting experience.

Carlos Gonzalez

20 years of innovative technology development and management experience creating transformational applications for the improvement of patient care.
allen retouch

Allen Harper

VP Business Development
A certified Lean Six Sigma black belt with over 25 years of experience in healthcare sales, leadership and process improvement.
Stephanie Padilla

Stephanie Padilla

Director of Revenue Cycle Management
13 years of Medical Revenue Cycle Management. Concentrations in General Surgery, Pediatrics and Radiology. Leadership responsibilities include operations, staffing, training and quality assurance.
optimax greg barrows

Greg Barrows

Director, Professional Services
30 years of field and corporate experience, Greg oversees project management, technical training, and client support services.

Optimax Reviews

Optimax Building


We collaborate closely with our clients ensuring that they do not operate in silos but managed as one functional enterprise. The application of our methodology affords providers more time to render meaningful high-level quality care to their patients.

The ever-changing healthcare environment demands we understand government policy, regulations and payor trending. Our clients are then positioned to make the best decision for the sustainability and growth of their practice.

Optimax stands as a business partner dedicated to assisting our clients in providing the best care at the lowest price possible.

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